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History Thursday: Chip Kidd on TIME



Chip Kidd is known for his book jacket designs. He’s also the author of The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel in Two Semesters, a book that every graphic design student should read before graduation. Kidd is one of those super famous designers, his work wraps around some of the most beloved (and well-known) contemporary writers, and you can probably imagine one of his covers just at the mention of his name. So I put him in the “History” category, even though he’s still working on new projects. He’s not “History” in the sense of being “old news,” he’s historic for accomplishing so much in his career already. This TIME Magazine Photo Gallery is worth viewing if you don’t know much of his work. If you have more TIME (get it?), you can listen to a 40+ minute interview between Kidd and Debbie Millman.


Interactive Wednesday: Don’t Click It!


No really, do not click here.

No really, do not click here.

I know I’ve posted about this site before but is really one of the best demonstrations of how trained we are to behave and interact with technology in specific movements (or gestures, as the case may be for certain phone or game console actions). It’s early in the semester. My interactive design students are learning how to make the most basic and simple links in HTML, how to dress them up with CSS, later they’ll learn some JQuery…but what if we just didn’t click again?

ReBlog Mondays: $1 Microscope



The Foldscope relies on the precise human ability to fold paper in order to generate a microscope made of paper for just $1. Manu Prakash, working with his team at Stanford, told the MIT Technology Review in this article:

Although it costs less than a dollar in parts, it can provide over 2,000X magnification with submicron resolution, weighs less than two nickels, is small enough to fit in a pocket, requires no external power, and can survive being dropped from a 3-story building or stepped on by a person.

Working with paper to make prints and/or folds exemplifies basic experimentations graphic designers and artists undertake in their primary coursework. Imagine designing something as revolutionary as a $1 microscope? Wait, someone just did that. What will you design?

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