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History Thursday: Timelines


the story of net art

I was talking about the history of the web (super briefly, in fact I made a joke that my version of the history of the web could serve as a script for a “Drunk History” episode) in a class about a week ago. I referenced Natalie Bookchin’s history/timeline project, “A Story of Net Art”—a classic for net artists or “web design” instructors who want to add a little mischief, curiosity, and art to the classroom dynamic.

With timelines on my mind, I did a basic search for “new media timeline” and came across these two: The Poynter Institute’s New Media Timeline (a journalistic perspective) and Dr. Anthony Curtis’ The Brief History of Social Media.

Neither of these speak to net art, and none speak to web design, necessarily, but all of them offer interesting versions of the history of some aspect of our digital, networked culture.

Interactive Wednesday: JQuery ThemeRoller

theme roller

I’m teaching with Dreamweaver CC this semester for the first time. New to Adobe’s update is a JQuery widget (in lieu of Spry). I have used a little JQuery here or there, sliders, or whatever, that were pretty easy to copy/paste/implement. So this new widget in DW means I have to really learn at least a little more about JQuery. I know, I’m late to this party, but as always: you learn what you have to learn on a project basis. So, with a little clicking around, I discovered that you can create your own theme (which you can then apply by adding a single line of code to the head area of the HTML doc) by using the JQuery ThemeRoller.

Before building a custom theme, try the ones already available:

  1. Choose a theme from the list in the “Gallery” area of the ThemeRoller.
  2. Add this line of code to the head area of your HTML doc, substituting “Redmond” for the name of the theme you like:

open-angle-bracket link href=”” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” /close-angle-bracket

Or, build your theme on the ThemeRoller, then follow directions from that page to implement your creation.


ReBlog Mondays: Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Graphic Designer


Design Taxi posted Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Graphic Designer on July 14, 2014. It’s worth reblogging now that we’re heading towards fall because these cute little web graphics are worth sharing every season.

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