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History Thursday: The History of Typography (in less than 6 minutes)



Interactive Wednesdays: How fast does your page load?

portfolio site on pingdom

Mark Gavalda’s Smashing article, The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A WordPress Host caught my eye as a possible resource for students about to embark upon purchasing their first domain names/hosting packages. So, I’m skimming along (thinking: will they read this? Will they make sense of this?) when I came across his reference to Pingdom. A sucker for online tests, especially those that tell me something about a page I’ve developed (that I might or might not really care about), I ran my new portfolio page. Hey, not bad, 2.29 seconds (I think I scored an 85%, a solid B…for all that’s going on in that page, I’ll take it).

Why is it important to keep your page running quickly? Yadda, yadda, yadda…you know, to keep people from closing your page before it loads, search engine optimization (read the article, Gavalda explains it), and so on. How fast does your site run?

ReBlog Mondays: A Perfect Daily Routine


daily routine illustration

Wendy MacNaughton for Brain Pickings


Maria Popova’s recent Brain Pickings review of Ronald T. Kellogg’s The Psychology of Writing shows how this book applies to all creative producers. Feeling anxious about your project? Not enough time? Not enough quality work produced in the time you have? Read on for daily schedules and strategies for building the perfect studio or office.

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