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Go See Mark Upson’s Thesis Exhibit

This video can only give you a general idea of what it’s like to visit Mark Upson’s MFA thesis project in the Begovich Gallery at CSUF. You missed the opening (it was this past Saturday), but you can stop by the gallery this week during its open hours and feel your sea legs.

Mark Upson

Let Me Tell You About My Boat is a kinetic sculpture that feels at once monstrous and friendly. It operates by gears and pulleys. It sort of looks like a Rube Goldberg contraption but its functionality and parts are logical. It’s gigantic, it’s noisy, it really feels like an old whale has emerged, and is now trapped, in the gallery. But if it is a monster, it’s a friendly one. Its pink underbelly moves with an air current familiar to anyone who’s recently passed a car dealership with one of those air-filled oversized moving balloon-people (I don’t know how better to describe those things but you know what I mean). Upson’s visual sensibilities were partially inspired by Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and we sensed an homage to Terry Gilliam, too.

With these dualities in mind, the sculpture seems at odds with itself. This, I think, was in part the intention of the artist. Upson writes about the borderless boundaries of coming to art-making, and it’s these slippery boundaries that explorers pursue. Whether you’re sea-bound or not, let Mark Upson tell you about his boat. You’ll walk away questioning your perception for the rest of the week.

Mark Upson: Let Me Tell You About My Boat, Begovich Gallery, CSUF

TED Share: Matthew Carter


mathew carter

Matthew Carter is responsible for typefaces so common that anyone who uses Microsoft Word can name them (ever hear of Verdana or Georgia?). Listen to Carter’s TED talk to learn how this master typographer understands, in his words, “the connection between technology and [the] design of type.”

Interactive Wednesday: Using Google Forms to Create an Online Quiz

google forms
I have students who want to add quizzes or other form-enabled interactivity to their projects. For those who aren’t planning to be full on web designers or developers, off the shelf products can save a lot of time. Check out this short tutorial on using Google Forms to create an online quiz.

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